What’s up Pios, Sean here.  I created this video because I saw someone clone themselves in one of their videos and I thought it’d be cool to try it out for myself.  Mr. Olmedo gave us a few pointers as to how to set up a shot for cloning and how to take it into post-production to put it all together.

How did I do it?  Easy.  =P

First, I shot a continuous shot of me doing a kickflip down the stair set. The one key is the camera must remain in place during all three shots.  One on the left, right, and middle. From there its all about the editing. You get your clips into Final Cut, layer them on top of each other and use a technique called “cropping” to let you remove parts of the actual frame.

I also had to set what we call “keyframes” in the beginning to make myself gradually appear.  This is more of an animation technique, but works great to effects like these.  Then, for the frame by frame effect, I took some of the major frames while in the air, and put them into a compositing program we use called Motion. While in Motion, I used the “masking” tool to cut myself out of each frame, then added a quick fade to the end and re-imported back into Final Cut.

See, easy.  I told you.

I know it’s quite technical and (believe me!) time consuming, but the overall effect is super-cool.

Hope you enjoy!

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