Valentine’s is just around the corner kiddies! And guess it’s time to shell out and trade in your greens again, in exchange for your special someone’s red kisses.

But for all you gamers out there who happen to have extra cash from all those flowers and chocolates spent, Tuesday happens to be a perfect time to go on an epic adventure. But where will you go?

How about a deep dive into the ocean? A trek in the forest?Or  what about a deluxe pass straight through hell? You know,  for a change…wait what!!??

I’m just kidding.  Let me spill the juice for you.

Two of the most anticipated games are scheduled to be released this coming Tuesday, that of Dante’s Inferno and BioShock 2.

The two game titans are expected to rack up the most buck on the same day, with BioShock 2 gaining a slight advantage from its pre-order market.  Being successors of previous epic games; Dante’s Inferno is expected to be as grand as the God of War franchise, while BioShock 2’s hype should grant Rapture’s guests a chance to relive the underwater experience.

Both games are available on the PS3 and 360 systems, and also come in retail and their own deluxe editions. Good luck on finding one if you’re planning on grabbing it on Tuesday, it’ll probably disappear even before you reach the shelves.

On top of these, there’s a few other games coming out this Tuesday.  Most notably this:

I give up.

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