The “Late Night Wars” that have come up recently became the talk of many news reports and articles. Basically, Conan has chosen not to do The Tonight Show on NBC any longer.

More specifically, Conan O’Brien will not do The Tonight Show on NBC at 12:05, because that’s not the time it was originally.  The Tonight Show had traditionally aired at 11:30, after the late local news.  But NBC, in a tough situation with low success in prime-time, chose to move The Tonight Show from it’s original air time.  This means that Leno’s new talk show that comes on at 10:30 is getting pushed to 11:35.  Leno, who had hosted The Tonight Show before Conan, would basically be getting his old show back because he gains the same show time.

There has been a lot of controversy over this situation, and both men have spoken out about it, and thrown comedic jabs.  Even other comedians have joked about how NBC is making the wrong decision and how Leno is working too hard to get his old job back.

Recently, Conan has said farewell to The Tonight Show, solidifying his absence and following through with his word.  Whatever the future holds for Conan, Leno, or NBC, we can only sit back and find out.

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