A few of our digital media students got the opportunity to chat it up with professional game developers and filmmakers today at the Vital Link Career Expo held at the Costa Mesa Community Center.

The day began with presentations from the crew behind the Road Trip Nation series talking about what they’re all about and how much fun they have doing it. Essentially, the Road Trip Nation crew drives coast to coast in a giant RV equipped with the latest in A/V equipment and interview people and the careers they chose. It ranges from the most glamorous of jobs to mundane trades. Everyone got to where they’re at somehow, and the Road Trip Nation discusses exactly that — the how.

From there, Jim Rivers, HR Manager at Obsidian Entertainment in Irvine, talked about the do’s and don’ts when it comes to applying for jobs in the entertainment industry. He gave our guys some incredibly valuable advice — like, for instance, when you’re submitting your resume, keep your gamer tags as far away as possible. Signing your name Joe “[email protected]” Schmoe — is probably not a good idea. In Jim’s words, “Don’t be that guy!”

The festivities continued with our guys going on stage to interview digital media professionals as the Road Trip Nation crew recorded. We then switched rooms and heard some wise know-how from Kiel Frigg, freelance character animator and Joseph Vales, facial animator for the Grand Theft Auto series. Their stories of how they made it to the game industry were inspiring — not an easy task, but achievable if you stick to it.

All in all, students had a great opportunity to network with industry professional who, if they play their cards right, could someday end up as coworkers.

A great day indeed. Except for the rain. Oh, and how we, uh, almost forgot Talon. Not good.





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