As we watch our well-known stores and companies fall to the troubling times in the economy, video games are still standing tall.  The industry is still selling well despite taking a few small hits.  As Michael D. Gallagher, President of the Entertainment Software Association (ESA), states: “…these difficult times did not prevent us from achieving a number of milestones that position the industry for continued success in the years ahead…”

Amazingly enough, during the times stores are closing away, the game companies are churning out their products like it was just any other day.  Top selling games like Modern Warfare 2 or New Super Mario Bros. Wii are still being released even though it’s still stormy skies for the rest of the economy.  With the Xbox360 now caught up with the Wii, and the PSP caught up with the Nintendo DS, 2010 will be a good start for Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo.

As MSNBC asked almost two years ago, “Is the video game industry recession-proof?”  People are still asking that now, so gamers get ready, because the gaming industry doesn’t end at “World o9”.

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