We have all seen the previews, whether they were on MySpace or Cable TV, and by now we’ve all seen the movie, but few foreshadowed the success that was in store for this soon-to-be historic film.

Directed by James Cameron, Avatar made over $1 Billion Dollars worldwide within only three weeks of its release on December 18, 2009 . Avatar currently stands as the second highest grossing movie in cinematic history. Its worldwide gross currently stands at $1,346,805,340 — and still growing (quite rapidly, at that.)

The highest grossing film of all time, Titanic (which grossed $1.8 billion), was released in 1997 and happens to be directed by the very same man who directed Avatar.

So, the top two highest grossing films in cinematic history both belong to one man, James Cameron. This is a testament to his talent and drive to create an ever-lasting mint to flavor the taste buds of movie goers worldwide.ย  This astonishing director did in 2 decades what no other director could accomplish in a life time.

As the entire cinematic world sits on the edge of their seats, anticipating more history-making success from Avatar, one can only wonder if Avatar will soon become second to none.ย  The one question which still remains is this: will Avatar bypass Titanic in worldwide gross?

Only time will tell…

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