Mr. Olmedo approached Mourad and I about a statewide film competition sponsored by Acer.  The WHS library is in need of equipment and our school, as you may know,  is on a very tight budget. Acer has offered 10 laptops and 2 desktops to the school who has the best video.  The premise is simple; tell us why your  school deserves to win.

The story came to me on a whim; it revolves around an extremely reserved senior named Kyle who  attends Western High School.  Kyle happens to be a shy young kid who will walk us around Western High School and point out some of the amazing things that it has to offer; some of the very things that have won this school the title of  California Distinguished School for the second consecutive time in a row!

The Story
Comically aimed at the main character, Kyle (Bao Tran), suffers from OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder), a disorder in which everything must always remain in perfect harmony.  We follow Kyle through a normal day at Western High – we watch him interact with bullies, encounter a student from the Fashion Design Club who, for whatever reason, has less fashion sense than an 80’s roller-blader, and a few other escapades that I cannot yet reveal.  (Oh, and don’t miss the special cameo from the Western High School Dance Team!)

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The Script
The script was written in two days —- two days exactly after Mr. Olmedo assigned it to Mourad and I. When accepting this project, we knew it was going to be difficult with such a tight deadline, but we’re going of it anyway.  We accepted it on Jan. 4 and it’s due in its final form on Jan. 17, 2010.  Since this is an important project,  and adrenaline kicked in, and Mourad and I accepted it.  I estimate that this project will be completed around Jan. 14, 2010.

The Process
Mr. Olmedo assigned me to direct the video while Mourad would handle the technical and musical aspects of the video.  Mourad is AMAZING! He is a musical genius and has tons of experience in video production.  His comments, advice (maybe lessons?) totally shifted the quality and the outcome of this project.

The Challenges
Because this deadline is so tight, we lack actors and are unable to contact teachers to capture their practices to praise their classes.  One class that was supportive though was dance class.  The teacher was very considerate and and their activities were totally enjoyable to record.  The script length also posed a problem, and we are finding that we are cutting out a lot scenes that are pure magic, but we hope, it’s for the best.

Stay tuned for more as we catalog our journey through the entire production process.

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