Based on a story by Mario Puzo and directed by Francis Ford Coppola, The Godfather, released in 1972, is hailed by critics world wide as a masterpiece of American cinema. The Godfather consists of an extremely talented cast and crew who, through their amazing talents and effort, have plastered this cinematic giant third on “AFI’s America’s Greatest Movies” list.

This remarkable masterpiece is based on lose facts on organized crime but mainly composed of fictional characters and situations originally written by Mario Puzo. The main plot of this movie is based around a man named Don Vito Corleone, who is the Don, or head, of the Corleone Family. He originated for Sicily and ran his mob using traditional Sicilian mentality, ethics and traditions. As time goes by, Vito’s assistants and colleagues and other mob families are no longer interested in the ways and traditions of Sicily which were clear, do everything for the well being of the family and your friends and nothing else.  As one family, an on-coming rival of the Corleone family, is looking into the selling of drugs in the city of New York, he needs Vito Corleone’s influence to move forward with his plan.  Although this movie has no set protagonists or antagonist, if there is one set of good guys, then they are all in the Corleone Family.

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In the movie, Don Vito Corleone, is faced with a huge problem. His family and others are no longer willing to follow the traditional ways of the Sicilian Mafia which were to take care of your family first and foremost. This becomes evident when one day, and on-coming rival of the Corleone Family requests a meeting with Vito Corleone to discuss some of his plans of selling drugs in New York because he needs the influence of Vito to carry out his plans. Vito Corleone however, does not give his consent on his rival’s plans. This creates tension between these two families. Blood will be shed, and lives and money will be lost. These families must learn to co-exist and get along as the law may soon catch up to them if they don’t kill each other before then.

Many film critics agree that this movie is one of America’s cinematic masterpieces. I agree with them. Never in my whole life have I ever watched a film which kept me memorized quite like this one. Many film critics like Jeffrey M. Anderson say, “Like Citizen Kane, The Godfather doesn’t age.” This I agree with. The fact of the matter is that this movie, although old and has low video quality, is one of the master pieces which will never decrease in popularity and it’s fame will almost always out shine it’s competitors. Another aspect of this movie was its nearly perfect camera shots. This film demonstrated nearly perfect establishing shots, high and low angle camera composition, fast action shots and sequences. Another aspect of the film which surprised me was that blood and gore was not ever exaggerated but at the same time was not underdone. This kept the film feeling very realistic. This is one of those films that you feel like you are in it and understand each situation and decision made. Every critic who reviewed this movie was right on, this film is one of the cornerstones of what American cinema is today.

The pacing of this film is nearly perfect. I felt that every scene majorly contributed to the story and sequence of the film. Each character was played flawlessly. Shot compositions in this film make it that much more intriguing and captivating. This film, although based of fiction, leaves you believing every word, occurrence, and situation. You feel every bullet fired, you shed tears with those who cry, and you connect to each individual character whose life or his family’s lives are on the line. This movie’s casting is that of gold and silver medallions, one which would leave any film maker brimming with envy. I would, without a doubt in my mind, recommended this film to anyone who wants to see a movie that tops the charts, one that will entertain and leave you captivated and begging for more, I can not think of a better film to watch if it hit me in the face, quite like this one did. “Like a favored method of Mafia influence, “The Godfather” is an offer no audience can refuse.” (Cole

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